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Don't let your opinion hang in the air!

This call; Atlas University is always open to the applications of academic staff and students in order to help them register and implement their invention ideas and turn them into an added value by commercializing them.

In order for the inventions of the applicants to be turned into a patent or a utility model, they must fill out the Invention Notification Form in the appendix completely and completely, and then

It should be sent to İAtlas


Principles and principles regarding the notification of inventions have been determined within the framework of Article 6769 of the Industrial Property Law No. 121 on inventions made in higher education institutions.

¬ The inventor is obliged to notify the invention/patent application to Atlas University Technology Transfer Office ( without delay, in writing, with a wet signature, in any case.

¬ Notifications, Invention Notification Form (BBF) and Design Notification Form (TBF) on the Technology Transfer Office (''Atlas TTO'') website, all detailed documents related to the invention or design of the invention or design owner in a way that does not cause loss of time, drawing, table, figure, visual etc. It will be filled and forwarded to Atlas TTO.

¬ If there is more than one inventor or designer, the rights of the inventors or designers on the invention or design are determined by mutual agreement in a way that will not cause any discussion in the future, and these ratios will be written to the BBF or TBF in numbers and letters.

¬ The owners of the invention or design will clearly state how the invention or design was discovered, whether it is a service invention or a free invention, along with the reasons, in the BBF or TBF.

Evaluation process

¬ Atlas TTO records the BBF and TBF delivered to it and notifies the inventors of the date and registration number of this notification, without delay and in writing.

¬ If BBF or TBF is missing, Atlas TTO notifies the inventor or design owner in writing that the deficiencies should be corrected within 2 (two) months. The owners of the invention or design shall rectify these deficiencies within 1 (one) month and send them to Atlas TTO in writing.

¬ Atlas TTO, BBF, the Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights Board (''FSMHK'') to evaluate the invention notification, if the service invention, the university's full or partial claim is submitted to the inventors in writing within 4 (four) months from the date of the invention notification. notifies them.

¬ Atlas TTO conducts the preliminary evaluation of the BBF and the Pre-Patent search of the inventions that pass the preliminary evaluation or decides whether a patent office should conduct the Preliminary Search.

¬ Atlas TTO presents BBFs that are deemed positive in the Preliminary investigation report (''ÖAR'') to FSMHK, ATLAS Atlas TTO also informs FSMHK about all BBFs whose preliminary assessment (conformity in shape) or ÖAR is found negative. FSMHK evaluates the scientific and commercial aspects of the invention or design.

¬ In the event that FSMHK does not make a decision within 4 (four) months following the delivery of BBF to Atlas TTO or the notification of the registration application made by the inventors to Atlas TTO, the invention becomes a Free Invention. This situation is notified to the inventor in writing. In this case, the inventor may, if he wishes, purchase a service from Atlas TTO instead of other patent offices for the patenting service on his own behalf for the invention that has been released, and perform the registration procedures again through Atlas TTO.

¬ Atlas TTO makes a patent/utility model application to the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, within 4 (four) months from the service invention to be taken in FSMHK and the entitlement decision of the University, or within 6 (six) months at the latest from the decision date, if agreed with the inventors. .

¬ Patent/utility model application made by inventors without an invention notification to Atlas TTO; Atlas TTO must be notified in writing within 1 (one) month from the date of application.

¬ Atlas TTO submits the previously made application notification to FSMHK. If Atlas University's entitlement decision is taken in FSMHK, the University notifies the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office that the patent/utility model application will be accepted as its own application and processed, within 4 (four) months from the date of the decision. Otherwise, the invention is considered free invention.

¬ Regarding the invention, whose right ownership has passed to Atlas University; The inventors submit all the information and documents related to the application and the information, figures, tables, pictures and documents needed in the related processes to Atlas TTO.