To introduce Atlas TTO's activities to researchers, academicians, students and the business world, to establish the communication network necessary for the formation of cooperation between university and industry, and to raise awareness about technology transfer.

For This Purpose;

¬ Follow-up and Announcement of National and International Project Calls; Our academicians and students are constantly informed and informed about national and international project funding supports, educational activities and project calls,

¬ Promotion and Information Event; Organizing awareness, promotion, training and information days on the following topics for academicians, companies and students within the scope of improving and developing the processes of transforming the research and development outputs of our university into social economic value more effectively and widely,

¬ TÜBİTAK Fund Supports (ARDEB Supports, TEYDEB Supports, Industry Innovation Network Mechanism (SAYEM), 2244 Industry Doctorate Program, ERA-NET, COST etc.)

  ;   European Union Project Supports (ERASMUS, Horizon EUROPE, IPA II etc.)

    Development Agencies Supports (Innovative Istanbul -Entrepreneurship -Feasibility Support, Guided Project Support etc.)

    KOSGEB Support Calls

     Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Fund Support

¬ Fair and Project Bazaar Events; Organizing Project Bazaar events as well as participating in national and local meetings and fairs in the fields of University Industry Cooperation (USI), Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights and Entrepreneurship activities of our Technology Transfer Office,

¬ Atlas TTO's activities and service items; Introducing and announcing it to researchers, academicians, students and the business world,

¬ Creation of Atlas TTO data and document base,

¬ Organizing activities to increase the awareness of the parties by making one-to-one visits to academics, students, researchers, companies, public institutions and NGOs,

¬ Planning, organizing and publicizing training, conferences, seminars, webinars, workshops, promotional/information meetings, project competitions, ¬ Participating in events (workshops, fairs, meetings, etc.) organized by stakeholders outside the university,

¬ Coordinating and following up the trainings that will increase the qualifications and competencies of Atlas TTO personnel, ¬ Active use of digital and media organs and especially social media,

¬ Carrying out the corporate identity work of Atlas TTO by constantly developing it, ¬ Organizing trainings in the fields of Project, Intellectual Rights and Entrepreneurship, which are within the service item of Atlas TTO, etc. events are running.